Anti-Bullying Week

November 13th to the 17th this year marked Anti-Bullying Week 2017, which aims to raise awareness of bullying among young people and to highlight the ways of preventing and responding to bullying. At Meadowcroft School we celebrated this week by going off-timetable on the Thursday and Friday of Anti-Bullying Week to provide complete focus on this important issue.

Keeping in line with this year’s Anti-Bullying Week Focus, ‘All Different, All Equal.’ These two days allowed us to celebrate the differences among all of our young people, and staff. Young people participated in roleplay scenarios, acting out bullying situations and discussing how the situation’s could be resolved.

During in-depth discussions our young people showed a phenomenal attitude to accepting each other’s differences and understanding that these differences are thing’s which we should encourage and embrace, rather than be used as a target for bullies.

To finish off the day Meadowcroft young people and staff voted for the best anti-bullying poster which had been created over the whole of Anti-Bullying Week by the young people. The winner of the competition, and a £10 JD Sports Voucher, was Marco. His poster will now be displayed around school to highlight Meadowcroft’s stance on bullying.