Bush Tucker Day

Christmas at Meadowcroft is a time for giving, for a time to relax a little and spend quality time with our fellow students, friends and colleagues! But we soon got bored with that! So we decided to turn up the volume and jump into the jungle maths room and feast like kings!

Hot chocolate and a cornflake bun covered in chocolate sprinkles just for starters. First on to the feasting table arrived a dish with globules of soft white floating in a viscous liquid, (Lychees), first up was Noreen ‘down in one’ followed by Dan ‘in the bucket in one.’

Staff and pupils joined in the tasting of dried prunes, chilli rice cakes, Mexicana and smelly Stilton cheese, air dried beef jerky, green jalapenos, ox tongue and chocolate Brussel Sprouts, all of which tested the resolve and stomachs of the bravest. Then came forth the creatures from the sea, smoked salmon, anchovy fillets, prawns and langoustines.

The highlight of the morning, was as custom, left to the finale when staff and pupils volunteered bravely, or foolishly, to accept the blindfold challenge. Noreen was delighted to discover she had just tasted blackcurrant jelly full of mealworms, well we think she was delighted as we only saw her back as she disappeared into the ladies room at a speed comparable of Usain Bolt. Sam, Earl, Dave, Hannah, Andrew and Darren all enjoyed a special version of Bombay mix – Meal and Buffalo worms, Locusts and Crickets which seemed to regain some life as the insects sprayed around the room and into the bin.

After a morning of huge laughter everyone looked at the final slide to see a picture of the corn flake cakes being mixed next to a large bowl of crunchy critters – I just wonder if…?