End of term trip – Inflatanation!

Now, you might see a ball pit as a wholesome opportunity for family friendly fun? Yes, that’s adorable, respectable, cute, terrific, whatever. But… we at the Hub have vision. We see an opportunity for glory. We see a fertile battleground, prime for unadulterated conquest! On the 29th of March, Meadowcroft School took to Manchester, visiting an inflatable paradise called ‘Inflata Nation’ (seriously that’s the name, and I love it). “It’ll be too kiddy” Marco said, “we’re too old for this” Curtis said, but the instant they arrived they were helpless to resist. All of us were!

First hypnotised by a sea of purple plastic, staff and pupils quickly dove into its depths; a ball pit that would later be considered ‘No Man’s Land’. Unfortunately Mr Hunter overestimated the deepness of the pool, swiftly hurtling himself into the air, succumbing to the reality that is gravity (there’s always one). Luckily, the pupils were smarter, tactically submerging into the pit to locate strategic hotspots.

For you see, unbeknownst to many… the war had already begun.

Suddenly orbs were splitting the air, each Hubber desperate to seize victory. Rest assured, the battle contained the best of the best. Demi, the berserker, hurling balls in a myriad of angles, each as unpredictable as the last. Curtis and Alicia, the chameleons, expertly using the pit to achieve invisibility, waiting for the perfect time to strike. Ashton, the sniper, isolating and eliminating targets with cut-throat precision. Finally, Mr Hunter (codenamed ‘The Giraffe’), his height and lack of finesse often dooming him to enact countless deaths, each more theatrical than the last.

As Mr Bird would have put it, “he was a sniper’s dream”.

Of course there was more, so much more. Declan and Mr Hunter frequented the place’s giant ‘Total Wipeout’ style spheres, watching in horror as a 4 year-old girl dominated the challenge with ease. Ian slinked his way through inflatable tunnels like an absolute Meer Kat. Tiger and Miss Edwards were often heard squealing down the place’s formidable rubber slide (honestly, this thing was massive). There was even a gladiatorial arena, Mr Clarke and Ashton clashing like titans in an endless battle to prove themselves as warriors (FYI, their helmets were hysterical). Ultimately, the day was a riot, with dopey grins plastered across our faces. Mr Hinman (our science teacher) didn’t hesitate in declaring it “the best day of his life”… probably because he betrayed Mr Hunter during the latter half of the war (I’ll have my revenge, just watch). Hell, Chance even went as far as to say “It was alright” and if that isn’t a recommendation, what else is?

The perfect end trip to productive spring-term!