Free haircuts, clothes and hot meals — ‘Thriving in the community’

A new initiative, driven by students and staff at Meadowcroft School, aims to offer welcome support to homeless and at-risk individuals.

Based at ‘The Works’ — the school’s own vocational unit — volunteers will give free haircuts, hot meals and clothes to vulnerable people on Sunday 16th December.

The scheme is known as ‘Thriving in the community’ — a reference to its initial proposal by students attending Meadowcroft’s regular ‘Thrive’ sessions.

Thrive helps young people develop their happiness, health and confidence, particularly in a learning environment, as practitioner Carla Edwards comments:

‘This year our older students led on progressing a community project to tackle, developing on their Thrive Action Plan.

‘The idea of doing something to help people who were homeless, or at risk of being, came up several times.

‘The obvious answer was to use our own space at the school to welcome them and offer something to make their day a bit better.

‘It was humbling and inspiring to see how these children — many of whom haven’t had the easiest start in life — can show such empathy.’

Commitment to making a difference

Help was sought from Wakefield’s Community Awareness Project (CAP), whose project manager Kevin Dobson addressed students in a special assembly.

The young people were inspired to approach local businesses and supermarkets to secure donations and support.

And by giving their own time, alongside staff and volunteers over the weekend, they’re confident of launching ‘Thriving in the community’ on the Sunday.

Thanks to the passion and hard work of everyone involved, anticipation is high that the day will see several vulnerable people reached.

And if it’s as successful as hoped for, the project could be developed as a charitable cause to be supported by Meadowcroft School long-term.