Laser tag team building day

From lessons to lasers pupils and staff members alike, from the Meadowcroft Gallery site, were called to action last Wednesday on the 27th of September. Operation Laser Tag, Barnsley division, was the location Gallery’s troops journeyed to; nearly every pupil from the Gallery attended this team building exercise, each showcasing their own particular brand of military prowess. The mission objectives were clear: venture past enemy lines to ‘capture the flag’ and dispatch the enemy one by one in ‘team death match’.

Whether it was agent Hawk (Kye) with his impressive kill count or agent Rambo (Jakub) with his legendary war cries, each pupil fought valiantly during the many matches that took place that day. Although the Gallery crew were divided into two opposing units, between games the bond remained clear, as pupils and staff delightfully discussed the happenings of each game; lines such as, “pretty sure I shot you mate” by Hawk (Kye), and “My hat keeps falling off” by Fang (Bobby) were personal favourites. Teamwork is essential, and the Gallery crew proved this in spades, with both sides (Red and Blue) working together to take their comrades to glory.

Even the Head teacher, Lynette Edwards, took part in the war effort ensure she too could seize her moment on the battlefield. Although Blue team fought hard to achieve victory, it was ultimately Lynette’s flamboyant diversion coupled with Hawk’s laser focused sharp-shooting skills that allowed Red team to win by the width of a laser (whatever that is, I’m no physicist).

One line that stole the day was from none other than Jakub aka Rambo. Walking calmly through muddy puddles and split twigs, agent Rambo shot an enemy player point blank and without hesitation; as the staff member he downed exaggeratedly groaned, his imaginary guts spilling into the soil, agent Rambo had but one thing to say “Keep the change, you filthy animal”.