Headteacher – Lynette Edwards

I love to ensure our pupils receive the best education and care.  I have an amazing team who, without exception, work tirelessly together to improve the life chances of our pupils.  I have the highest expectations for every pupil and hope to ensure these expectations are embedded within the pupils themselves.

Darren Singh – Deputy Headteacher

I am fully committed to providing a quality education & ensuring progress is the focus of all learning experiences for Young People with Behavioural, Emotional and Social difficulties. I have chosen this profession because I believe that what young people experience at school has a significant impact on the rest of their lives & that as a school, we can provide them with the necessary tools to make a valuable contribution to the society in which we live. I am proud to be a part of a such a culturally diverse staff & together, we champion equality and diversity to our young people making them more informed & allowing them to make appropriate judgements about people’s culture.

Noreen Cheema – Assistant Headteacher

I am the Sixth form co-ordinator. Post 16 pupils bring new challenges. The reality of college and work develops a new approach from the pupils and I relish working with colleges and work placements to develop the pupils further. I bring a calm approach with lots of nurturing instincts. I would like to think of myself as a motherly figure and love to support my colleagues spiritually and emotionally.


Dianne Aspinall – Assistant Headteacher – The Gallery

I am the Head of Behaviour and Pastoral Care at Meadowcroft School. I love to see young people develop and mature into well rounded, independent and proud young adults with a positive future ahead of them. I believe that with the ethos at Meadowcroft and the skills of the staff, the school and young people can work together to achieve the best for each individual pupil.


Dr. Jonathan Middleton (BA Hons, BSc Hons, PGCE, MSC, Doc Ed Psy, AFBPS, C. Psych)

I am a Consultant Educational Psychologist and managing director of Middleton Psychology Ltd.  Previously, I was Principal Educational Psychologist and Assistant Director of Children’s Services in St. Helens.  I work with a number of private providers and Local Authorities and I am a consultant psychologist for Manchester Family Courts.  I have worked as a psychologist for over 20 years and my specialist areas relate to attachment, mental well-being, autism and behaviour.


Lisa Anderson – Specialist Speech & Language Therapist

I am a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist with a particular interest in Mental health and Autism.

I have high expectations of the children I work with and strive to improve their social communication skills and to improve their verbal and non verbal communication skills.

I am passionate about working with young people and providing therapeutic support in order to improve their social and emotional well being.

I use a holistic child focused model that prioritises the child’s view and needs. Ultimately, I strive to support and empower my students to live happy, fulfilling and rewarding lives.

Carla Edwards

Carla Edwards – Interventions & IAG Co-ordinator

I deliver interventions for students with social and emotional issues and deliver IAG support.

I will always give you a smile.

Jonnie Czternastek – Outdoor Education Teacher

I am the Outdoor Education Leader at Meadowcroft School.  I have a real desire to work with children.  Meadowcroft was my first experience of EBSD and it was a real eye opener,I discovered that I had a real passion for working with children where I felt I could make a real difference in their lives.  Although  it can be incredibly testing at times I believe the small steps of progress that are made outweigh   anything of the achievements made in a mainstream setting.  I bring my sense of humour to work every day and enjoy coaching football to children locally and internationally.

Earl Dawkins – Music Teacher

I teach Music throughout the school at all key stages developing musical skills across all genre of music.
I am enthusiastic about my job and draw on 20 years of experience in the music industry. I bring a good sense of humour and a calm approach to the role and am a good listener.
I would like to bring workshops to the school and develop music further throughout the school.

Emma Pickles

Emma Jane Pickles – Primary Teacher

I enjoy planning and delivering fun and exciting lessons in an active and multi-sensory environment.  I work best when surrounded by a team of child-centred practitioners and this was one of many reasons for coming to work here.  I have a true passion for ensuring that each child’s individual needs are met in order for them to become independent members of society.

Chris Williams

Chris Williams – Land Based Studies Teacher

I teach lots of things including climbing to canoeing, gardening and even keeping pigs!

Last year I cycled to Istanbul.

David Bird

David Bird – Construction & Technology Teacher

When I’m not teaching construction and technology I build and fly RC helicopters.

Janice Pattison

Janice Pattison – Family Liaison Officer – The Gallery

I work at The Gallery with young people who have complex needs.  I enjoy working with children and find it rewarding but it can also be challenging at the same time.


Kevin McGrath – Home Tutor & Teaching Assistant

I take home education to students who are not in school. I assist teachers in school to give a good standard of education to students. I want to help our students to excel and re-engage in their education to achieve the appropriate qualifications so their future will be brighter. Every day I bring a smile with me to school and share it with everyone I meet and hope to give all a nice welcome. I have experience in most walks of life and can give comfort and advice to ease a person’s problem either in school or out. I encourage them to develop their social and emotional skills.

Stuart Brennan – Teaching Assistant

I support students to access education to achieve the best results possible.  Each day can make a difference to a child’s education and ultimately their lives, therefore providing a consistant and positive environment helps them grow into young adults with the best opportunities available.

Mohammed Ashfaq – Teaching Assistant

I work at The Gallery and i’m a very happy and cheerful person who wants to put smiles on students’ faces.

Sofia Butt

Sofia Butt – Teaching Assistant & Home Education Tutor

I offer guidance and build relationships with students who have behavioural difficulties.  I work to re-engage and reintegrate students back into school.  I am a resilient, humorous and honest person.

Alison Kempson

Alison Kempson – Teaching Assistant

I assist pupils in English lessons, produce resources and support pupils generally.

I love my little dog Finn even though he yaps a lot!

Sam Ballin

Samuel Ballin – Teaching Assistant

I assist in class and during Land Based Studies.  I believe every child matters and deserves a chance to achieve no matter what.

Brenda Phiri

Rutendo Brenda Phiri – Teaching Assistant

I assist the students in lessons and I enjoy reading.

Gemma Cunnane

Gemma Cunnane – Teaching Assistant

I support the students during life skill lessons and I love unicorns!

Maalik Hunter – Teaching Assistant

I assist in the teaching of pupils and I am obsessed with Star Wars!

Sophie Lazenby – Teaching Assistant

I support the students during Maths lessons and also on a 1:1 basis on Home Education.

I am easy to get along with and love to be creative in my work.

Adrian Carr – Teaching Assistant

I assist students with their education.  I enjoy challenges and i’ve played and coached rugby in England and Australia.


Tom McGuiness – Teaching Assistant

I am predominantly based at The Gallery and i mainly work with a student on a 2:1 basis.  Outside of work i play West Yorkshire League football.

Stephen Ridsdale – Teaching Assistant

I support the pupils and I have always gained satisfaction from helping others and this gives me a great opportunity to do so.


Sue Ridge – School Administrator

I am the School Administrator and I deal with all paperwork relating to the school, its staff & pupils. I bring to the school organisation & free hugs. I’m an optimist – Life is what you make it.

Ann Cleasby – Receptionist/Assistant Administrator

I meet and greet all visitors to Meadowcroft and keep the reception running smoothly and help others whenever I can.  I’m always happy to lend a hand or give a cuddle.

Polyanna Smith – Receptionist/Assistant Administrator

I meet and greet all visitors to Meadowcroft and keep the reception running smoothly and help others whenever I can.

Andy Agar – School Chef

Every day I prepare and cook delicious home cooked food for the pupils and staff.  I also enjoy serving the food as this gives me a chance to get to know the pupils and have a positive impact on them.

Craig Lund – Site Supervisor

I am the caretaker at Meadowcroft School and I bring to my job extensive knowledge and experience in repair and maintenance. I am also a keen footballer and socialite.

Michael Antcliff – School Driver

I am the driver at Meadowcroft school and I get to know the pupils in a different way to other staff.  I enjoy talking to the pupils on our journeys and can find their perspectives on life quite fascinating.

Steve Levitt – School Driver/Handyperson

Floyd – School Dog