The Gallery

A NEW service catering for up to 24 primary aged children with SEMH and associated conditions alongside a smaller discrete unit accommodating up to 12 young people ages 5-19 with a range of complex needs.

The Gallery accommodates up to 36 young people in a highly attractive, large stone built detached property a mile away from Meadowcroft School. The Gallery is located in a pleasant, prestigious area just outside Wakefield centre.  The site was last used as an art gallery and neighbours include mainstream private and state schools, professional services, Wakefield’s main art gallery and Wakefield College.

The site provides state of the art, specialist classrooms and a large spacious play area for the younger children is planned for Summer 2016.

The Gallery supports the needs of individual pupils in every aspect. We progress pupils academically and encourage them to take pride in their achievements.  Our staff are specialists in supporting emotional development leading to pupils becoming more emotionally literate so they are able to self-regulate their emotions and their emotional reactions.  Socially, we build confidence in our pupils so they are able to have a greater understanding of their wider community.

On entry, pupils are baseline assessed within three weeks to ensure that the educational experience they receive is tailored to their entry needs and levels. We  ensure each pupil experiences success within this period to enable them to understand that they can and will succeed at The Gallery and beyond. Our placing authorities receive regular reports and updates on our pupils and we pride ourselves on transparent relationships that place the needs of each pupil at the centre of every conversation, report and meeting. We respect the importance of multi-agency work, recognising that communication is the key to success.

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What we offer:

  • A flexible resource catering for up to 24 primary aged children with SEMH and associated conditions alongside a smaller discrete unit accommodating up to 12 young people ages 5-19 with a range of complex needs. We will however, always look at the individual rather than the ‘label’ and identify the particular needs of each pupil and ensure that all these are met.
  • Bespoke packages tailored to individual needs which also includes the option to add transport.
  • Access to our team of qualified therapists, specialising in Educational Psychology, Speech and Art therapy.
  • A highly experienced management team whose experience covers a wealth of SEN from PMLD, SLD, severe EBSD, MLD, mental health issues and complex social needs.
  • Family Liaison Worker to support attendance, reviews and transition.

In common with all Acorn schools, The Gallery’s goals are:

  • To identify all pupils with special educational needs, to assess the extent of their difficulties and to plan appropriate strategies and programmes to meet their needs and overcome any identified barriers to learning so that they are able to function fully and confidently in the classroom.
  • To ensure that all teachers and learning support assistants are aware of pupils’ difficulties and are provided with strategies and individual programmes to use with those identified pupils.
  • To utilise specialist resources and expertise, such as Speech and Language therapy, to assist in ensuring pupils can fully access the curriculum on offer.
  • To have in place a curriculum and an intervention programme that prioritises the special needs of their pupils; and to monitor and review progress in relation to that curriculum and those interventions, thereby ensuring that all pupils achieve their potential.
  • To pro-actively engage parents / carers as a partner in each child’s learning and personal development; encouraging and supporting them to participate to the extent they are able.