Work experience update

Luke attended his first day of work experience at Farmer Copley’s butchers farm shop in Pontefract yesterday.

This has taken some months in the planning, finding the correct contact, arranging interviews and preparation for them, generating C.V’s , transport training, risk assessments etc.

 Luke thoroughly enjoyed his placement which will be one half day a week.

I received an email from the manager at Farmer Copley’s explaining about Luke’s day.

 Well day one is over 🙂

Luke arrived on time and all has gone well – he was very excited – he has done some burger making and mincing and a little bit of boning out.

He looked great in his flat cap and I have attached a photo for you.

 Carla, the IAG co-ordinator for Meadowcroft spoke with Luke today to discuss his day and his first comment was ‘I want to do more time there’. Luke described the tasks he was asked to do and spoke fondly of the people he worked with.

It was clear that Luke had listened and paid attention to the staff that were training him.

 Well done Luke!!!!